General conditions of sale
Contractual conditions
Type of Contract
1.1 Final judgment

This contract will end on the expiry of its validity period. It can be renewed at the request of the subscriber.

1.2 Automatic renewal

If this commitment is not terminated by either party, in writing two months before the expiry date, the date of receipt of the termination being authentic, it shall be tacitly renewed for the same duration. Any advantage of any kind is deemed to be obsolete and can not be tacitly renewed. A cancellation not respecting the deadline is possible by paying the other party an amount of CHF 300.-. The price of the renewed subscription will be the one in force on the date of its renewal.

Special prices: The application of special prices, for example a company rate, is subject to the examination of the reasons for granting. In the event of a change, the subscription giver may change or delete the benefit.

2. The payment of the subscription price or, if applicable, the first monthly payment of the subscription must be done at the signing of this contract. In case of payment in monthly installments, except the first one payable immediately, these are payable and payable from month to month, in advance; non-payment of a monthly payment entails the immediate withdrawal of the membership card and makes the full price of the subscription payable. In this case, the membership card is returned upon payment of the full price of the subscription. In the event of non-payment of the subscription price by the subscriber within the prescribed deadlines, the subscription giver has the possibility to act by any lawful means to recover his claim, and to mandate third parties for these operations. ; the subscription giver also has the option of transferring his claim to a third party. Callback and collection charges are billed to the subscriber, as well as the costs of searching for a non-advertised change of address.

3. Without promotion, registration fees are due upon signature of the contract for any new member, including any person renewing his subscription after a period of two months from the date of expiry of his previous subscription.

4. The price of the subscription may be refunded in whole or in part, in case of interruption for illness or very long-term accident, change of domicile or departure abroad, or other, on presentation of receipts. Requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

5. Time – Stop

5.a Time-Stop in case of sickness, accident, pregnancy or military service, of a duration of more than 21 days, attested by a certificate relating to the cause of the absence, or in case of displacements professionals abroad, with a duration of more than 21 days, attested by the employer, the subscription period can be recovered free of charge upon renewal, provided that the membership card and receipts are deposited at the reception of the club in the first week of interruption. In case of non-renewal of the contract, the request for extension must be made within one year from the expiry date of the certificate. Each case will be studied by the management. The administrative costs could be up to CHF 80.- (card fees included).

5.b Time-Stop in case of holidays, optional and for CHF 100, – in addition to the prorata temporis subscription, the customer can recover his vacation days, without proof, at the rate of: 4 weeks per calendar year , and in proportion to the subscription months as follows: 2 weeks for 2 months and 1 week for 1 month.

6. The non-use of the benefits, without just cause, does not give any right to refunds or reductions.

7. No cancellation may take place before the deadline provided for in this contract, with exceptions as indicated in point 4.

8. The user uses club facilities at their own risk. The subscription giver declines all responsibility in case of illness or accident occurring in his club or as a result of the use of his facilities. The subscriber formally and irrevocably renounces raising claims against the subscription giver in case of illness or accident, regardless of their causes.

9. The subscriber agrees to respect this contract, as well as all the written and oral instructions of the subscription giver or his staff.

10. A general rule lays down the rules of conduct to be respected within the club.

This document also determines the modalities concerning in particular the following points:

standard and reduced schedules of the coach,
closures in case of maintenance, holidays, force majeure, during holidays, holidays and bridges, and
all the elements that could change the coach’s schedule,


, temporary or definitive deletion (s) of one or more collective courses,
how the subscription provider communicates all the elements necessary for the subscriber
be aware of a change or evolution of a service.

11. It is not possible to derogate from this contract by verbal agreements, which are deemed void.

12. The subscription giver has the right to modify, at any time, unilaterally his rates, regulations, general conditions and other contractual documents. The changes are communicated by e-mail and orally.

13. In the case of tacit renewal, the price of the renewed subscription will be the one in force on the date of its renewal, and any advantage of whatever nature is deemed to be null and void.

14. General Regulations

This regulation forms an integral part of the subscription contract between the subscription giver who coaches “Antoine Paucod” on the one hand, and the subscriber, on the other hand.

Article 1 – General
Any changes to these rules are communicated by e-mail or orally.

Article 2 – Principles of hygiene and behavior
The cleanliness is of use in all the enclosure of the club.

A decent dress is mandatory and must be consistent with the activity.

Subscribers will ensure that they wear appropriate clothing for the sport and use clean cloths. It is recommended to have a small towel for training and a larger one for the shower.

It is forbidden to enter gyms with shoes used outdoors or barefoot, except for some specific classes (Yoga, Pilates, Stretching or Body Balance) and in wet areas.

The cabinets must be released at the end of the training. Otherwise, the subscription donor may have them open at the expense of the subscriber who has not complied with this clause.

It is not allowed to come to train with a private trainer without the express permission of the management of the subscription giver.

Glass bottles and other glass items are prohibited outside the restoration area.

Article 3 – Closure of the club

In the event that the closures mentioned below occur, no compensation in favor of the subscriber, consideration or extension of the subscription, will be granted. Are reserved cases of force majeure (fire, water damage, vandalism, etc.)

Holidays and other days of closure

The club may be closed on official cantonal and / or federal public holidays. Closing on other days (“bridges” for example) remains reserved.

Closing obligation linked to a technical problem

In the case of the obligation to close the club due to a technical problem requiring intervention not allowing to keep the club open, it may be closed without any extension of the subscription or compensation for the subscriber. Beyond a 10-day closing period, the subscription giver may offer to please the subscriber an extension of the subscription.

Reduced benefits

In the event that part of the installation is not usable for reasons beyond the control of the subscription giver, no compensation to the subscriber or extension of the subscription would be granted.

Article 4 – Access reservation and entry
The subscription giver may forbid access to the courses to a subscriber, temporarily or permanently, without reimbursement, compensation and possible opposition, in the following cases: non-compliant behavior, attitude harmful to the subscription giver, his / her staff, or other subscribers, non-compliance with the contract, these rules or the written and oral instructions relating to the club, any other behavior that would harm the good functioning of the coach and his reputation, non payment of the subscription, introduction of a third party unlawfully in the club.

Article 5 – Cabinets, Theft and Damage
The subscription giver declines all responsibility in case of theft or damage committed on the premises of his club. In addition, cabinets will be locked under the sole responsibility of subscribers.

Before leaving the club, the empty subscriber
Envoyer des commentaires

This law and its annexes will be submitted exclusively to the Tribunals of the seat of the subscription giver. Swiss law is applicable to this contract.

Article 6 – Impressum
Your Private Coach