The role of sleep

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Le rôle du sommeil

Have you ever wondered why is it necessary to sleep? What happens to our body during the night? Although it is not secret that sleeping helps us feel better, the role of sleep is much more important than that. Our body needs to sleep to regulate itself, to create muscle and to produce hormones. Sleep allows your body to repair muscle tissue and produce new cells. Be careful to sleep enough not to damage your health!

The importance of sleep
The fast lifestyle nowadays makes it difficult to have at least eight hours of sleep each night. According to experts, lack of sleep is a public health problem and more than 50% of the French population is affected. This can affect our ability to make the right decisions, our memory, our moods but also various health problems. Researchers have recently discovered that at least 5% of obesity cases are related to lack of sleep, for example.

When we sleep, our body recovers from stress and our daily activities. Sleeping also helps us build our immune system to better combat the various diseases or bacteria we face on a daily basis. Our muscles also grow during our sleep due to the production of more pronounced growth hormones during the night. Meanwhile, our brain assimilates information received during the day and creates new synapses.

So a good night’s sleep can:

Increase your energy level
Boost your recovery
Increase your sports performance
Help you to be in a good mood
Improve your concentration at work
Reduce the risk of diseases
A bad night’s sleep, on the contrary, slows down your metabolism, increases the risk of heart disease and affects your brain function.

The effects caused by lack of sleep
As you have seen, sleep plays a major role in the proper functioning of your body. Here is a list of problems that can result from lack of sleep:

Heart disease
Sudden mood change
Weight gain
High blood pressure
Loss of libido
Difficulty to recover
Hormonal problems
Now that you know all of this, it’s time to pay special attention to your sleep (if it was not already the case). So good night !

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